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1.VISA Card and Master Card

We through the GSPAY Credit card company to accept your payment! When you create the order info on our site, then you will go though . it is secure payment,you can pay!

NOTE:If returned as DECLINED,Please call your bank and tell them to unblock your deal.The maximum amount is $500. You may pay for them separately, as long as each total is less than $500, includes the discount. If you would like the discount according to the quatity, you may try to pay via Western Union. There is a 5% discount for using Western Union.We do not charge customer directly, but use a more secure third party payment gateway(GSPay). GSPay is easy and safe to make an online purchase with. In case you encounter problems when making transactions with it, check the table below for information. Feel free to contact us if you need further help.

Possible reasons for payment declined:
1. Guests did not correctly fill out payment information
2. Issuing bank does not support online shopping
3. Guest card balance is not enough
4. Guests have an adverse payment records which did not pass the GSPAY filtration system (non-payment, document deception etc.)

Should you want more detains on declined reasons, you can send TR ticket to head office to check the reason.

Fraud code Description
101 Customer's IP country not match selected country
102 Customer's IP country in block list
103 Customer's IP US state missmatch
104 Fraud card holder
105 Fraud card number
106 Customer's browser language in block list
107 Customer's country in block list
108 Fraud email
109 Fraud IP
110 Fraud phone
111 Customer's browser in block list
112 Maximum transactions limit per hour
113 Hour IP limit
114 Multiple attemples with different customer details